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Best Places to Visit in Uzbekistan Before You Die

Uzbekistan’s obscurity enhances its appeal for the adventurous travellers. It is 25 years since this country cut its ties with the Soviet Union, but Uzbekistan’s roots are ancient. Three of the Silk Road’s most important cities are in Uzbekistan. Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand were key stop-offs for traders, and have all been painstakingly restored to their former glory with glittering minarets, voluptuous domes and hypnotic mosaics. Samarkand has been known for a long time as Jewel of Islam.
Tourists are following in the footsteps of Genghis Khan and Alexander the great, two famous conquerors and pioneers who passed through this country
The hard-line ruling government, Islamic militants and corrupt officials have sullied Uzbekistan’s reputation. However, these are not representations of how the country truly is since most Uzbekistan residents are very peaceful and friendly.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Uzbekistan before you die:

Nukus Museum

The second largest collection of Russian avant-garde in the world is housed in the Nukus Museum. It also contains a huge collection of archeological objects and contemporary art from across Central Asia.


The walled city of Khiva is a living museum, protected by Unesco but still populated by Uzbek families and businesses. It was founded in the 6th century, and thrived as a Silk Road trading city. It’s easy to imagine you’re in the 12th century.with increasingly ornate mosques, mausoleums and madrassas (religious schools) added to its labyrinth of streets, all of which have been artfully restored.

Ice climbing in Turkestan, Matcha and Gissar

For adventurous people who want to climb ice waterfalls, Uzbekistan offers great opportunities with climbing spots in Gissar, Turkestan and Matcha ridges. Rock climbing on a vertical rock face is possible on both the Matchi ridge and Fan Mountains.

Silk Road cycling

Cycle from Khiva to Tashkent through Lake Aidarkul. Opt for easier rides at Ferghana Valley where you can enjoy the mountain scenery or join an organized tour.

Chatkalsky Reserve


Chatkalsky Reserve is a narrow untapped gorge found in the west of Uzbekistan. During the winter, snowboarding, skiing and trekking are very popular. You will likely see the gray bear, Berkut eagle and snow tigers.


There are almost five-hundred religious institutions and mosques in Bukhara, including the Kalyan Mosque that is accessible by both Muslims and non-Muslims. Also visit the covered bazaars to pick up handmade ceramics, needlework, silk cloth and miniaturist paintings from Uzbek artisans.

Boi-Bulok Caves

Some of Asia’s deepest caves are best for expert cavers only. See gypsum formations in the Kugitang caves and underground lakes and rivers in Tian Shan caves.

Tashkent Museums

Uzbekistan’s capital Tashkent was completely destroyed by an earthquake in 1966, but Soviet muscle rebuilt and restored the entire city. As a result, you’ll find a charming mix of restored 12th-century mosques and classical Russian architecture alongside Soviet buildings and statues. Visit the State Fine Arts Museum to view Uzbek masterpieces and Soviet art.